Dead Like Me

Dead Like MeTV company boss: I hear you have a great idea for a TV show for us. I really liked your last one. What is it this time?

TV Show Producer: (enthusiastic): Well we have this great idea — an existential comedy about death!

Boss: Death? You mean like in “dying”, “decomposing, “disappearing”? It was my impression that we are trying to help people forget that kind of thing.

Producer: But that’s the point! People do not forget that kind of thing. They may suppress it, but they cannot get away from it, so instead we make a comedy out of it. It is cathartic!

Boss: God, didn’t you do enough of this in college?

Producer: Listen, the show is about this 18 year old girl, you see. In the pilot she is hit by a toilet seat from the Russian Mir space station.

Boss: Toilet seat. I take it that this is symbolic?