Pasta with Pesto

Pasta from

Hey mama, she said, I don’t understand
He won’t look my way, he won’t take my hand
I might as well live in another land
Oh mama, please help me, I need a plan

His mother looked up from her garden spot
You have to make use of the things you’ve got
Charm him with basil and bergamot
Invite him to dinner, but make it hot

Serve him pasta with pesto and a bottle of wine
Then add Tiramisu of the classical kind
Top it all with good coffee, the best you can find
I assure you my daughter: He’s yours in no time

Hey mama, she said, you were right again
Pasta with pesto surely beats champagne
If you’re looking for love or a sweet refrain
Serve him pesto with pasta and a bottle of wine

Pasta with Pesto recipe
How to Make Pesto like an Italian Grandmother Recipe

Move it!

Indian God Dancing

Grandma grabbed his ears
And looked into his eyes
This is what she said to him

Your heart is your drum
And you’re life is your dance
This is your chance
Now, move it!

Circle the sun
Your heart is your drum

Now move it! Now move it!
Your heart is your drum
Now move it! Now move it!
Your life is your song
You’d better be ready
This is your chance
You’d better start moving
And dance

Your breath is your flute
And your life is your song
It’s time to be strong
Now, move it!

Silver screen

Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Clint Eastwood pulled the trigger, ahead
One more stupid bad boy dropped dead
Siddy dropped his popcorn and said
“I wonder what’s behind the silver screen”

The bandits turned their horses to fly
I turned to Sid and gave my reply
“It’s just a pair of speakers, now why
D’you wonder what’s behind the silver screen?”

He said:
“If we’re nothing but a beam of bright light
Moving on a sheet in the night
Caught between our fear and delight
I wonder what’s behind the silver screen”

He left his seat and jumped through the screen
Right between the good and the mean
Since then my friend has never been seen
I wonder what’s behind the silver screen

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Buddha on the beach

The boy sat still for hours
He built a city in the sand
There’s the royal castle
There’s the baker with his band

The boy sat still for hours
His town was out of reach
He watched the tide approaching
Like a Buddha on the beach

The Moon takes 14 days to grow
And 14 days to die
No wonder she rules the tide

Buddha image from the Big Buddha at Koh Samui, Thailand

(I took the picture in Thailand at Koh Samui. This is one of the Buddha statues found behind the large “Big Buddha”. The lyric was written a couple of years ago for the Sandstone project.)

The Gardener

On our way to Caesarea
We rested at an inn
She poured me wine and water
I asked her about sin
I said, Mary Magdalena
What did the Master say
About working on the Sabbath
And on how you ought to pray

Jacob back in Kanaan
Says playing is a sin
You should never eat a pork chop
You should never see an inn
You will never get salvation
If you ever walk on red
You will only go to heaven
If you do what Moses said

Mary Magdalene

Mary took a piece of bread
And smiled her mournful smile
Listen well, she said to me
This may take a while
If you live your life by paragraphs
Paper’s what you’ll bite
You will try and try and try again
And never get it right

He’ll judge you by your dead deeds
If that is your request
But he will also open up your heart
That’s quite another test
Your hatred, envy, lust and greed
Will pierce you like a spear
You’d better call your lawyer, boy
I have his card right here

(This is a lyric looking for a song. If you make use of it, tell me)

The City that Never Was

Walking through the shadows
I fell upon a magic place
The ruins of a city
Lost in weeds and misty haze
Rubble, dust and gravel
Dwellings from another time
I swear I’d never been there
But then again, it could be mine

I found a buried playground
Hopscotch churches lost in grime
With fragments of mosaics
Of children in the summertime
And then a faded fresco
Men and women playing games
They seemed content and happy
But damned, I could not read their names

This is the city that never was
This is the past that could have been
This is the city that never was
Say a prayer and leave this dream

I love this silent beauty
The shadows of the aging trees
The broken walls and columns
Bring a mournful sense of peace
But it’s dangerous to stay here
Bewitched by longing, caught in dreams
I have to leave this city
And build a new one in the green

The City that Never Was

This is a lyric looking for a song. Do get in touch if you need it.

Illustration: Susanne Koch