Innovation in the public sector

In spite of what many believe,there is actually much innovation going on in the public sector.

The public sector is often described as “bureaucratic” – in a negative sense, as a slow moving and rigid hierarchically organized system, as time-consuming, oversized and expensive. This may indeed be the case in some instances.

Still, from my own experience — working in and for the public sector — I have not found proof for the assumption that public sector organizations in general are less innovative than the ones found in the private sector.

Public organizations may be innovative learning organizations

Public organizations are learning organizations with their own share of entrepreneurs and with directives regarding the need for organizational change.

Many ministries, public agencies and public service institutions make use of technologies or services developed and delivered by private firms and organizations.

Public institutions also face technological challenges where the solutions cannot simply be bought off the shelf, and are thus involved in technological invention and development.