Search engine intelligence for librarians

My wife Susanne and I visited NOLUG on Monday and talked about search engine intelligence for librarians.

Nolug, or Norwegian Online User Group, is a community for users of online databases and search tools.

There are a large number of search oriented sites out there, but you only have to follow a few to get the essential news and commentary.

Susanne also presented her favorite RSS web feed readers and online bookmarking services and discussed why such services help you cope with information overflow.

Here is the main presentation in Slideshare format:

You can also download the PDF file from Pandia.

We also made a short presentation of the history of our search engine oriented site Pandia. It is, indeed, a strange story. Pandia is definitely the only site of this kind out there that was indirectly caused by an act of parliament!

Well, you can read about it in this short slideshow:


Supreme Evil

Mark Vidler, the mashup artist of Go Home Productions, has made his first mashup video.

Given that he has included my all time favorite band, the Electric Light Orchestra, I just have to include it.

And yes, it is Evil Woman mixed with Diana Ross and the Supremes plus a dash of Michael Jackson.