Pandia celebrates its 10 year anniversary

10 years ago my wife Susanne and I decided to get a new hobby: search engine surveillance.

It was all due to our total fascination with the World Wide Web and a strong belief that the combination of search and the Internet would transform our society completely.

We were right. The world is a different place now compared to what it was 10 years ago and that change is partly caused by giants like Google, making huge amounts of information available to all of us within seconds.

When our generation leave this earth, few people will be able to imagine a world where you would have to go to the local library to order a copy of a newspaper article or a book.

We called our site Pandia, after the Greek goddess of light and enlightenment (to tell the truth: all the good domain names were taken), and put up a list of all the essential search catalogs and search engines available at the time.

One year after we started blogging about search, and now we are invited to conferences around the world as search engine industry experts.

One friend asked us why we didn’t turn this hobby into a business. Combined with some search engine marketing services, it would have been sustainable. That’s probably right.

However, it is the social aspect of search that fascinates us, as well as the innovation culture found in some of these companies, not the businessman’s dream per se. Hence Pandia remains a part time hobby.

I have put up an article over at Pandia that tells the strange story about how Gudmund Hernes and the Norwegian parliament became the godfather and godmother of Pandia without knowing it.