On the use of R&D statistics in a research and innovation policy context

How can research and innovation assessment be useful for librarians?

Last November I took part in a conference for Librarians arranged by Elsevier — the 6th Elsevier Nordic Librarian Forum — in Helsinki, Finland.

They asked me to talk about the use of R&D indicators in a policy context, which is — admittedly — one of my pet topics.

Elsevier actually made a write-up of my presentation for the January 2009 edition of their Library Connect newsletter, and, yes, i did get a chance to rewrite and edit it.

Here is the original slide show:

On joining the Twitter community

Men in computerI must admit I have been a Twitter sceptic.

A service that lets you send ultrashort messages to a group of contacts? Come on!!!

There is enough information noise in my life already: email, phones, RSS feed and web sites to follow, meetings, text messages. The list goes on and on.

My wife convinced me, however, and I have now opened my own Twitter account.

Sure, there are enough of Facebook like messages: “I am taking my dog for a walk!”, “It is raining” etc. — the kind of bonding and grooming oriented chatter we humans are so good at.

But there are also highly useful messages announcing meetings, online articles, news items etc, and if you follow people having the same interests as yourself, you will get the latest news awfully fast.