Mark Vidler’s collection of mashup songs

You know I told you about music mashups, DJs mixing different songs into one coherent whole?
Go Home Production’s mashup album No. 3
Well, one of the masters of the game, Britain’s Mark Vidler, is releasing his whole collection of “bastard pop” remixes making them available for download.

Mark is better known as the man behind Go Home Productions.

There are no less than 16 albums of mashups, remixes, rarities, MTV jingles and radio snippets, the mashup albums being in majority.

Some of the tracks are just brilliant, and I am amazed to see how he is able to make jointless seams between artists from totally different traditions. He can mix Eminem with Paul McCartney, 10cc with Marvin Gaye, Disney’s Pinnocchio with the Beatles, the Beastie Boys with Las Ketchup and ABBA with Echo and the Bunnymen.

All right, some of these tracks are mostly for fun, but most of them stand solidly on their own two tracks!

Moreover, I enjoy his ability to use material from the last four decades. This is like a revisit to my own record collection. Hm, I must be getting old…

Here is one of my favorites: A mix of Blondie and the Doors courtesy of Mark Vidler. The video — which is edited by a fan — features the Gorillaz, but that band has absolutely nothing to do with the soundtrack.

And here’s one mixing Disney’s I’ve Got No Strings (yepp, the one with Pinochio), Radiohead’s Creep and The Beatles’ Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, called — of course — Pinocchiohead On LSD.

Again, the video is made by a fan, demonstrating how the mashup concept becomes a truly social phenonmenon.

A comprehensive list of Go Home Productions Bootlegs / Mash-ups.
Mash-Up: Artistic Musical Creations or Blasphemy?, Interview with Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions (12-17-04)

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