Getting a keyboard for the iPad

Originally published on April 13 2011

I love the iPad. It is fun, innovative and has an extremely high wow factor. However, when someone asked if I would recommend one, I normally asked that it is the kind of gizmo that is nice to have, but which you can do without.

I use it to read comics, magazines, read news, follow my web feeds and.. well.. one of our cats love the cat game for the iPad (seriously!).

It was not until a few weeks ago that I realized that I could actually use it for something “useful”, as I brought my room documents as PDF files on the iPad to an OECD meeting. I can now leave that heavy folder behind.

Still, I am still not comfotable with the virtual keyboard. It is not tactile. I need to watch the screen all the time. So yesterday my wife and I went to the local Apple dealer and asked for an iPad dock with a keyboard.

“You do not need one,” the salesman said. “If you a have an iPad case with a stand, it is better to buy a regular Apple wireless keyboard.”

He was right. I connected the wireless keyboard via Bleuetooth in less than a minute, and here I am, writing a blog post in the same speed as I would on our regular Mac. Now the iPad has become a serious replacement for the MacBook when travelling!

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