Testing trunk.ly - your personal search engine

Originally posted April 19 2011

I am currently in a kind of test socia tools modus. No, this is not about Facebook (which I, frankly, find of little use), but rather the use of tools used to find, save and share posts, articles and sites on the Web.

I am currently using two tools for this: our weekly Pandia Search Engine News Wrap-up over at pandia.com and twitter. For all practical puposes I am building a large collection of links to interesting and useful resources, but I have no way of searching this content.

Enter trunk.ly, a new kind of bookmarking site that wants to take over if delicious is abandoned by Yahoo.

If you sign up, you may connect it to your twitter, Facebook and RSS reader accounts and let it sync all the links you have included in tweets and posts. It will then index your links and the pages they are pointing to and generate your own personal database of online resources. You may even import (but not sync) your delicious bookmarks.

Given that this is a social site, you may also follow other trunk.ly users and get access to more relevant information. It looks promising. My trunk.ly links are found over at trunk.ly/perkoch.

Update December 2011: Trunk.ly has now been bought by Delicious, and will be closed down in January. Delicious has still not implemented the trunk.ly technology. Too bad.

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