New web home for NIFU/STEP projects: GoodNIP, PUBLIN and more

When I worked at the STEP institute, later to be known as NIFU STEP, I
was part in setting up web sites for various research projects on
research and innovation.

NIFU STEP has now been renamed NIFU, The Nordic Institute for Studies
in Innovation, Research and Education.

During this change, the old projects have gotten new URLs:

Here are the ones I took part in:

Foreign takeovers - competence gain or competence drain (FOTON, for
Foreign Takeovers in the Nordic countries), a project under the Nordic
Innovation Centre’s Forum for Innovation Policies.

The main objective of Good Practices in Nordic Innovation Policies was
to develop a survey and an analysis of Nordic innovation policy
instruments that directly or indirectly are targeting small and medium
sized enterprises.

The EU project Publin aimed to study policy learning and technical and
administrative innovation in the public sector, and to get a better
understanding of behavioural changes, learning processes and the
implementation of new or improved technologies in public

Originally posted on April 20 2011

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