The Icelanders are conquering Norway


Nothing is real until you have described it with hard numbers and statistics. Anyone discussing immigration and “multiculturalism” knows this.

It turns out however, that the real threat for Norway does not come from Muslims, but from Iceland.

Sigve Indregard presents numbers documenting a growth of 60 percent in the number of Icelanders from 2009 to 2011 (from 3749 to 6022). Given that there are only 5 million people living in Norway, you may think that this does not amount to much.

Indregard, however, has made a prognosis for the next 90 years based on this rate, and proves that there will be as many as 60,000 Icelanders in 2021, 72 million in 2041 and 6000 billion in 2100!

By then, of course, Norwegian culture will be dead, replaced by Svartadaudir and Snorre.

I knew it, the recent introduction of Skyr (a kind of Icelandic yoghurt) in the Norwegian market, was just the first step in a hostile colonisation of Norway.

Originally posted on August 5 2011

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