Gotye meets Sting in a great music mashup

Alex Fox over at Google+ made me aware of the following mashup he has made of Gotye and the Police.

He wrote a comment to my Google+ post on Gotye as the new Sting.

This is a perfect blend of two related artists, if you ask me.

I continue to be amazed of all the creativity that goes into music mashups online, and how the new computer technology makes it possible to mix and reshape existing music in new and exciting forms.

The music industry is definitely not able to keep up with this, nor is the global intellectual property regime, which has a hard time defining what is fair use based on the creating of something new out of the old, and what is a copyright infringment.

It seems clear to me that the record companies and the artist benefit from this kind of creative publicity, although I am not sure all of them will agree.

By the way, one of my favorite mashup artists are actually from my home county Møre og Romsdal in Norway who names himself Norwegian Recycling.

Here is one mix that even has its own mash-up video:

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