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PandiaYes, the owner of Aviana PK has a lot in common with Per Koch, the co-owner and co-editor of Pandia.

The Pandia Search Central is an adventure in modern Web site development owned and edited by my wife Susanne and me.

The site started out as a one page all-in-one search toolbox in 1998.

I had been working on a site for Schola, a magazine owned and run by the Norwegian Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs.

I proposed to the editor of Schola, Ingrid Yrvin, that we should add a column on search engines for teachers and researchers. So we did.

Schola, which was founded by the very creative and knowledgeable minister Gudmund Hernes, was unfortunately canceled by the Norwegian Parliament, which meant that I was forced to use my new-found search engine knowledge elsewhere. This is why I have been known to say that Pandia is the only search engine oriented site that has been founded by an act of Parliament.

The site has now blossomed into a much visited site on search engines, searching and search engine marketing. We have some 10.000 visitors daily, which is not bad for a Norwegian based, English language, web site competing with giants like Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

Pandia has its own search engine news blog, a web search tutorial, a searchmarketing tutorial , a news search engine and much, much more.

Take a look at Pandia now!


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