Per M. Koch

Research and Innovation policy and Internet searching

Welcome to my web site. Here you will find information both about my work and my life.

My work has been focused on innovation- and research policy development, first as an adviser and science and policy expert at the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, and later as a researcher and Deputy Director at the Norwegian research institute NIFU STEP.

In 2006 I became Director of Strategy at the Research Council of Norway, and from 2009 onwards I was the head of the cross unit Science Project in the Ministry of Education and Research. Recently I was working an innovation policy special adviser at Innovation Norway. These days I am the editor of the Norwegian magazine for research and innovation policy: Forskningspolitikk.

Throughout my career I have been working actively vis-a-vis the European Commission. I have, for instance, been Senior Analyst for the Nordic countries in the EU Trend Chart on Innovation. For three years I was leading the EU Fifth Framework Programme research project PUBLIN, on innovation in the pulbic sector. Until December 2012 I was Chair of OECD's project on international STI collaboration for global challenges: STIG. I am now a UNESCO Chair in Futures Literacy.

Ouside our regular work, my wife Susanne and I are actively involved in various Web projects. We have edited and administered the site since 1998. It was at a time Europe's largest site devoted to the search engine industry and Internet searching. Due to other pressing engagements this site has been closed down. (Archive here)

My Cand. Philiol. thesis (in the History of Ideas) was on the Norwegian psychiatrist Trygve Braatøy and his influence on Norwegian medicine and physiotherapy.

I am blogging over at Medium

For information about my collaboration with LGBTQ refugees in the Kakuma camp in Kenya, see our crowdfunding site and the Nakafeero/Kakuma web site.

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