monitoring and implementing horizontal innovation policy

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STEP, Norway
PROSUS, Norway

The project runs over approx. two years and is funded by several Norwegian institutions. The Research Council of Norway acts as a contract partner on behalf of participating ministries. -

This is a copy of a site originally hosted at, the site of the research institute STEP, now part of NIFU. It is kept here for reference and archival purposes.

Background and objectives

The MONIT project was endorsed by the OECD TIP working party in December 2002. Building on the results of the TIP NIS project, its main objective is to generate knowledge on how to improve innovation policy governance and create a more coherent and comprehensive innovation policy. The focus is on how to achieve a more horizontal innovation policy through co-ordination with non-core policy areas, improve vertical integration and coherence, and develop new forms of governance and policy making processes. More specifically it studies the foundations for innovation policy governance by highlighting issues such as political leadership, building effective co-ordination mechanisms, socio-political foundations for information exchange and policy learning, cultural factors in policy systems and related sources for coherent policy making.


The MONIT project is organized in 3 work packages (WP):

  • WP1 consists of a broad analysis and assessment of the national policy profiles and challenges, as well as of key governance issues;

  • WP2 includes policy case studies in the areas of information society, sustainable development and transport, and regional policy;

  • WP3 will synthesize the results from WP1 and WP2 and draw the policy implications.

The project is a collaboration between 12 countries and is led by STEP, Norway.

STEP is in MONIT studying the Norwegian innovation policy system through several inter-linked studies. A main focus is to better understand the underlying logic of the Norwegian system, its roots in terms of cultural traditions and the main priorities coming out of it. Both mapping studies and more detailed studies of parts of the innovation policy system are therefore covered in the project.

In WP2, STEP carries out studies on regional policy, policies for sustainable development and the information society, with the aim to examine potentials and bottlenecks to integration between these policy areas and innovation policy.

To ensure learning during the project, a specific learning arena has been set up, in which intermediary results and key issues are discussed in seminars and workshops with user groups.


Final reports (OECD site)

Monit conceptual paper

Governance Of The Science, Technology And Innovation System In Norway: An Overview

The Norwegian Information Society Case

Regional and innovation policy coordination in Norway

The innovation process of the Norwegian electric car Think a case study

Coherence of Environmental and
Innovation Policies


Profiling and assessing the norwegian innovation policy system
(Draft - WP1)

Agency level governance - a study of the Research Council of Norway
(Draft - WP1)



The MONIT site is published by STEP, Centre for Innovation Research, a part of SINTEF Industrial Management, Norway. Editor: Nils Solum, STEP, Hammersborg torg 3, N-0179 Oslo, Norway, phone +47 22 86 80 19, fax: +47 22 86 80 49.