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PUBLIN is part of the Programme for research, technological development and demonstration on "Improving the human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base,1998-2002" under the EU 5th Framework Programme. -


Book Announcement: Innovation in Public Services: Management, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

lightbulbIn March 2006 Edward Elgar will be publishing a book based on material developed in the PUBLIN project. The PUBLIN project is a three year EU-funded research on innovation in public sector services.

Contributions to the book have been written by leading European scholars on innovation in public sector services.

Title: Innovation in Public Services: Management, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship
Editors: Paul Windrum and Per Koch
Publisher: Edward Elgar

Preliminary table of content:

Chapter 1


Paul Windrum & Per Koch (MMU/NIFU STEP)


Chapter 2

On the differences between public and private sector innovation

Rannveig Røste and Ian Miles (NIFU STEP/PREST)


Chapter 3

Policy learning: What is it and how can we study it?

René Kemp and Rifka Weehuizen (MERIT)


Chapter 4

The public sector in European countries

Andrés Maroto and Luis Rubalcaba (University of Alcala)


Chapter 5

Health Case Study 1: The adoption of technological and organisational innovations in a Spanish public hospital

Manuel García Goñi (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


Chapter 6

Health Case Study 2: Interface between service delivery and manufacturing in medical innovation processes

Andrea Mina and Ronnie Ramlogan (CRIC)


Chapter 7

Health Case Study 3: Services innovation in a French hospital

Faiz Gallouj


Chapter 8

Health Case Study 4: Creating markets for innovation in the public sector: Diabetes education in the UK

Paul Windrum (MMU)


Chapter 9

Social Services Case Study 1: Providing care to the elderly: Innovation models and institutional dynamics

Helge Godø and Rannveig Røste (NIFU STEP)


Chapter 10

Social Services Case Study 2: Innovation process dynamics in a transition country: Introducing quality standards in residential elderly care in Slovakia

Katarina Staroňová, Ľudmila Malíková (Comenius University)


Chapter 11

Social Services Case Study 3: Innovation and pension policy in Ireland: The case of personal retirement

Mairéad Considine (University College Cork)


Chapter 12


Paul Windrum, Per Koch & René Kemp (MMU/NIFU STEP/Merit)


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