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PUBLIN is part of the Programme for research, technological development and demonstration on "Improving the human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base,1998-2002" under the EU 5th Framework Programme. -


Publin reports

The following reports have been finalized:

D24 Summary and Policy Recommendations (the popular non-academic presentation) (PDF file 1.3 MB)

D9 On the differences between public and private sector innovation
By Thomas Halvorsen, Johan Hauknes, Ian Miles and Rannveig Rřste (PDF file 350 KB)

D14 The structure and size of the public sector in an enlarged Europe
By Andrés Maroto and Luis Rubalcaba (PDF file 442KB)

D15 Policy learning, what does it mean and how can we study it?
By René Kemp and Rifka Weehuizen (PDF file 834KB)

D16 Studies of innovation in the public sector, a theoretical framework
By Rannveig Rřste (PDF file 208 KB)

D17 Report on the Publin surveys
By Eran Vigoda-Gadot, Aviv Shoham, Ayalla Ruvio, Nitza Schwabsky (PDF file 3MB)

D18 Innovation in the social sector – case study analysis
By Ludmila Malikova and Katarina Staroňová (PDF file 415KB)

D19 Innovation in the health sector – case study analysis
By Paul Cunningham (PDF file 316KB)

D20 On innovation in the public sector
By Per Koch and Johan Hauknes (PDF file 663KB).
This is the academic summary report.

National case studies

The following national reports can be downloaded (PDF files):

D12-1 Sweden: Hospital-Managed Advanced Care of Children in their Homes
By Lennart Norgren and Kristina Larsen

D12-2 UK: Developing Patient-Oriented Education Systems for Diabetes
By By Paul Windrum and Pascale de Berranger

D12-3 UK: NHS Direct, An Innovation in Social Trust
By Paul Cunningham, Lawrence Green, Ian Miles and John Rigby

D12-4 Spain: The Adoption of Technological and Organizational Innovations in a Traditional Public Hospital in Spain
By Manuel García Gońi

D12-5 The Netherlands: Process Innovation in Mental Health Care
By Friso den Hertog, Rifka Weehuizen and Maarten Verkerk

D12-6 Ireland: Innovation in the provision of home help services in the Southern Health Board area
By Joan Buckley and Carol Linehan

D13-1 Slovakia: Residential Care for Elderly in Slovakia
By Katarina Staronová and Ludmila Malíková

D13-2 Ireland: Pensions Retirement Savings Accounts
By Dr. Mairéad Considine

D13-3 Israel: Regional Resource Centres of Special Education
By Nitza Schwabsky, Eran Vigoda-Gadot, Aviv Shoham and Ayalla Ruvio

D13-4 Lithuania: Innovation in Services for the Elderly
By Rita Bandzeviciene, Aiste Dirzyte, Vidminas Dauderys

D13-5 Norway: Innovation in home based services for the elderly
By Helge Godř, Rannveig Rřste and Marianne Broch

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